Consultations are available by appointment at clinics located in the east of Melbourne.

Online bookings are also available and can be made at either clinic.

No referral is required for a podiatry appointment. However, if you have seen other professionals or have had images taken, please bring as much information to the appointment as possible.

Bring to your appointment:

- runners 

- work shoes

- casual shoes

- sports-specific footwear 

- comfortable clothing

Initial appointments will often include through discussion and history taking, static assessment, strength and range of motion assessment, video gait analysis and footwear analysis. I have undertaken training in musculoskeletal ultrasound and has the capacity to assess structures of the foot and leg with ultrasound if deemed appropriate.

Subsequent appointments will build upon the treatment plan outlined at your first visit and will continually be managed throughout your injury rehabilitation.

Treatment can include but is not limited to; running gait retraining, strength programs, orthoses prescription, stretching programs, footwear modifications, shockwave therapy, dextrose prolotherapy or the referral to other professionals to assist in managing your injury.

All assessments and treatment options will be discussed thoroughly with you to ensure you are educated enough to help in self-management of your injury.

Currently I consult to various sports teams for podiatric opinion in conjunction with the medical team. This can be done in clinic or on site and will provide written feedback to medical staff, coaches, team managers and players where and when appropriate. If you would like a podiatric opinion at your club or organisation please contact me via the contact page.




Bounce Health Group

195 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn
1300 855 442

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Mulgrave Podiatry

433 Police Rd, Mulgrave
9795 4011

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